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Water-Saving Valve Technology | Izi Flow


Working principle and installation

How IZI-flow® works?

IZI-flow (easy-flow) is a compact reliable mechanical servo valve, based on a principal of a diaphragm with equal water pressure on both sides. A slight signal, given by depressing the pedal, activates pilot water which releases the main water flow. This technic of pilot water path, enables the valve to function under a wide range of pressures from 0.5 bar to 12.0 bar, while the activation of the touchless faucet valve, stillrequires only a minimal force to push down the pedal.If required, it is possible to increase the pressure range. Water tightness of the valve is guaranteed through the complete separation between the water flow inside the valve and the outside activating mechanism. This technology also makes it possible to keep the small dimensions of IZI-flow
Single Valve: 5x4x6 cm
Double Valve: 8x4x6 cm

How to mount the VALVE?

IZI-flow (easy-flow) is easily connected between the angle valve and the faucet, by simply mounting it along the water line. A stand-alone Mouse-Pedal or a Base-Plate Pedal, mechanically activates the hands-free tap. The IZI-flow® valve is fixed to the wall bysupplied fittings.However, even without fixing, the valve is functionally reliable. The important parameters to consider are the water flow direction assuring and to secure that the cable is properly inserted into the body of the valve (inside the bore opening).

VALVE installation
Alternatively, you can install the IZI-flow directly on the angle valve. Here you have to use a ‘Mounting-Kit’ that can be purchased from us, or at any Home-Depot (DIY).
Direct Mounting Option

How to install the Base-Plate PEDAL?

The activation of the base-plate(kick-board) pedal is remarkably elegant. The pedal mechanism is located behind the kickboard on the floor - tilt-resistant when fixed to the bottom of the cabinet. The strengthening of it is not dependent on the front plate, because it isfixed to the massive cabinet. According to the wall thickness of the panel, several options exist to screw the stainless steel disc to the lever.

Base-Plate PEDAL installation