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Foot operated water saving device | Izi Flow

Foot operated water flow

IFØ1- Single Valve - for cold or hot water

IFØ2 Double Valve - for cold and hot water

What is IZI-flow®?

IZI-flow® - for easy-flow of water - is an innovative smart valve that enables all types of existing hand-operated faucets to ALSO work hands-free, by FOOT-PEDAL.

It consists of a new designed valve which is connected by a steel cable to a foot-pedal (similar to the mouse of a computer). IZI-flow, is quickly and simply installed beneath the washbasin, between the angle valve on the wall and the tap.



Water conservation - a savings of about 70%


Quick and easy installation



At home and office

To be installed in Kitchen and Bathroom.

Food industry

Restaurants, Bars (kitchens and bathrooms), Butcher shops, Bakeries, Mobile Shops for food products

Health and Medical Care

Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical and Dental Clinics

Hair Saloons

For water saving and maintainance of constant water flow and temperature