What is IZI-flow?

IZI-flow (which really enables easy-flow of water) is an innovative smart valve that enables all types of existing hand-operated faucets to ALSO work hands-free, by FOOT-PEDAL.

It consists of a special valve and a cable connecting the valve to a foot-pedal (pedal similar to the mouse of a computer).

IZI-flow is quickly and simply installed beneath the wash basin, between angle valve and faucet.



IZI-flow may be installed in all areas where the following factors are playing an important role:

These areas include:



A cabinet with an IZI-flow® baseboard option
Basins in hospitals; IZI-flow® with a mouse-pedal
A baseboard option at a dentist’s practice Comfort by IZI-flow® is supplied to every tap An operation with running water at a kitchen show room