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Double Valve – Izi FlowIzi Flow

Double Valve


Contact to tube


Attached to the wall


Connect the pedal


Allow the battery open

IFØ2 - Double Valve - for cold and hot water


The model is activated by foot:
- Free-standing 'Mouse'-Pedal
- Integrated 'base-board'-pedal
The IZI-flow valve is connected on its lower side to the water supply, and on its upper side to the faucet. A flexible cable connects the valve with the activation pedal. While the pedal is depressed, the valve is open and water flows. Upon releasing the pedal, water flow stops. The lever of the faucet always remains open. Water flow-rate and temperature are preset on the original faucet lever.



IZI-flow® may be installed in all areas where the following factors are playing an important role:
Water Conservation
These areas include:
Public buildings, Offices
Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical and Dental Clinics
Food Industry, Restaurants, Bars (kitchen and WC), Butcher shops, Bakeries
Factories, Garages, Workshops
Private households (kitchen and bathroom)



Water conservation - a savings of about 70 %
Hygienic - hands-free operation
Quick and easy installation
Convenience - foot-pedal control of water flow leaves both hands free to do other tasks.
Original faucet design and plumbing infrastructure remain unchanged.
A manual operation brings the faucet back to its original hand operated status by simply plugging a wedge in the pushed pedal.
IZI-flow is independent of all energy sources, electronic boards, infrared photo-cells and other sensitive elements.
The tightness of the valve is guaranteed through the complete separation between the water flow valve and the activating mechanism.



IFØ2 Double valve is fully mechanical and independent of the electricity meter. The valves are controlled by mechanically pressed pedal that releases the flow of water. Unlike plants with an infrared sensor, photocell - based on electronic principle, IFØ2 is suitable for washing at home where possible sink to leave full of utensils, it will not affect the device as they would have done installations with an infrared sensor , photocell - based on an electronic basis. IZI-flow is an appropriate instrument in such cases because it is based on electronic principle and operates purely mechanically, making it highly economical and entirely subordinate to you!
IFØ2 Double valve - cold and hot water are activated by foot, with a choice of two versions pedals:
• - Mouse pedal
• - Base board pedal

Mouse pedal

Base board pedal


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